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    Cloud Based Retail Solutions

    Process Your Business Data
    Into Meaningful Information

    Inventory Tracker

    Whether you’re on the floor or on the go, you can store, track, and replenish inventory with inventory management software from Workday.

    Sales Reports and Analytics

    Have better understanding of your sales analysis and make a better business decision for the next step of your company.

    Sales Tracker

    Keep in touch with your prospects at key moments of the sales cycle, eliminating the risk of missing an important opportunity!

    Just as true as many other systems, data is king.

    Say goodbye to bulky storage systems and local servers. Our cloud based system lets you save time and money in no time.

    • Access data from any mobile phone, laptop, handheld device without needing to be at the terminal all the time.
    • Enhanced data security using data encryption without the risk of losing data when you forget to backup.
    • Centralize multiple business location data into one point and make standardized changes for all sites at once.
    • Reduce downtime by updating only one system once to be shared within the network.
    • Improve visibility of data by viewing inventory counts, labor usage percentages, productivity reports or your daily totals remotely in real time.

    In order to run a successful and profitable business, instincts and intuitions alone might not cut it.

    • Increase profit by increasing sales and decreasing overhead cost.
    • Reduce the risk of overbuying stock when you require only a fraction of them.
    • Avoid losing overhead costs to factors like human error or skimming stocks.
    • Enhance customer loyalty with scheduled sales and promotions.
    • Identify crucial marketing data such as customer demographics, popular products, trending categories, and many more.
    Lead the Industry

    Faster than the speed of change.

    Don’t lag behind in the industry where efficiency makes or breaks your business. In this current economical climate, it literally pays when you manage your business the smarter way.

    So why cloud based POS?
    Cloud POS annual adoption rate
    Average market penetration
    Plan to upgrade to cloud POS
    1.8 billion users

    For Mobile POS Payments segment by 2024

    59% of shoppers

    Tends to have a significant impact on their purchasing decisions with personalization experience


    The average transaction value per user in the Mobile POS Payments segment in 2020

    83% of consumers

    Willing to divulge personal information in exchange for a personalized shopping experience

    Mobile POS Payment Statistics


    Debit Card Payments


    Credit Card Payments


    Annual Growth Rate


    Consumers Prefer Cashless

    Transform your business!

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