Delicacies and Parties Filled Adventure

Taking you on a rewarding journey across a vast range of places from the new eatery and local delicacies to the latest bar, clubs & other party spots near you!

Eat more, stress less

Upgrade your dining lifestyle by using Qrunch. Whether if it’s doing alone or with friends, give you exclusive access to the menus of your favourite spots. The Qrunch app take the stress out of the age-old question - “What should we eat today”.

Rewarding experience

Get ready to collect points, receive deals and discover exclusive deals! Qrunch builds a unique experience on the shoulder of eWallets. Explore all the restaurants across Malaysia with the rewards and deals we have to offer.

About WorldQuest.

WorldQuest International is a blockchain company headquartered in Kuala Lumpur with offices in Ukraine and Hong Kong.

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