The Drive for Excellence

We firmly believe in empowering people to be leaders by providing them the freedom and flexibility to make decisions. WorldQuest encourages its leaders to take ownership of their role and to craft the environment around them to be the best that they can be rather than to merely follow and be influenced by what is around them. With this drive to influence and the freedom to do so, our leaders pave the way to excellence as trailblazers rather than runner ups.

Our Story

"We're going up, and we're taking the world with us."

Dato’ Robin, a man of vision, founded WorldQuest International after he came back from overseas and witnessed the speed of change that is taking place there, especially in the financial technology sector. Thinking ahead of his time, he assembled a team of professionals and experts in the technology industry with diverse backgrounds. They set out on a mission to develop and innovate the financial industry through blockchain technology and artificial intelligence. WorldQuest is situated at the heart of the financial hub of Southeast Asia, and has successfully expanded to 6 strategic locations throughout the globe - Kuala Lumpur, Hong Kong, Ukraine, Germany, Switzerland and Saudi Arabia.

The Mission

Our mission is to engage in the pursuit of transforming the lives of millions for the better using innovation in technology for now and the future with unwavering commitment. At WorldQuest, our business is always driven by this sense of purpose and together with our customers, we aim to bring innovative technology to various industries such as healthcare, business, banking, and many more.

A Vision

We strive to be the world’s leading, fastest-growing and most used innovative technology development and consulting company. By discovering the underlying potential of businesses and offering various opportunities to the society, we are both ‘the architects and the engineers of change’. WorldQuest aims to develop enough breakthrough in the financial technology sector to be recognized as a pioneer of change.

Our Values

The Four cornerstones of Worldquest


In order to lead from the front to shape the future of our industry, we are not afraid to take risks and take ownership of our decisions while adhering to the highest professional standards, giving you the


We believe one can only achieve success by enabling success in others and rise above challenges. This is why we are dedicated and committed to your success, through a series of unquestioned integrity, to sustain a long-lasting and trusting relationship with you.


In Worldquest, we foster a culture of ‘intrapreneurship’ where new ideas are welcome and micro-failures are allowed to be made, everyone becomes the owner of their work. Giving them learning opportunities means maximising the potential of the company.


We capitalize on this profound innovative technology to offer solutions that can solve both immediate and future problems in order to enhance your business growth.

SEA Born, Global Reach

We believe that our local knowledge and presence matter. Though our roots are firmly planted in South East Asia, our partners in strategic regions provide us with a strong home court advantage.

Diversity and Inclusion

At Worldquest, we believe the culture of diversity and inclusion is the fuel to success. It is why we are committed to provide equal access to opportunities, empowering our talents from different backgrounds.