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We're going up, and we're taking the world with us

Dato’ Robin, a man of vision, founded WorldQuest International after he came back from overseas and witnessed the speed of change that is taking place there.

Thinking ahead of his time, he assembled a team of professionals and experts in the technology industry with diverse backgrounds. They set out on a mission to develop and innovate the business ecosystem with smart business intelligence.


Our mission is always to engage in the pursuit of transforming the business ecosystem for the better-using innovation in technology. We aim to bring innovative technology to your business


We strive to be the world’s leading, fastest-growing and most used innovative technology development company. By discovering the underlying potential of businesses and offering various opportunities to society, we are both ‘the architects and the engineers of change’.

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Work With an Award Winning Digital Company

The SME and Entrepreneurs Business Awards (SEBA) recognises the crème de la crème of SMEs and entrepreneurs in Malaysia across a wide range of industries every year.

WorldQuest is one of the select few companies honored with an award in the 2019 event.

Seba 2019

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