Ocean Defender 2019 Awareness Social Responsibility Campaign

Every lives on earth deserve respect. The ocean houses an enormous collection of marine lives, each unqiue, colorful and magnificent on their own.

At Worldquest, we strongly believe that the ocean and its ecosystem is a huge and important part for humanity. No matter how advanced or wealthy is our technology, we cannot replace nature's work. We have to coexist in the best possible way. That's why we are the proud sponsor of the program Ocean Defender.

Ocean Defender buddies, sworn to protect the ocean in its pristine state, has collected more than 100 bags of trash from the ocean in pulau Lima Bay, which includes 900 plastic bottles, 700 cans and polyesters. The process is not straightforward and easy either, as the rough terrain poses challenge to the divers. Underwater rocky outcrop may have cut our divers, hot sun in unsheltered bay may have burnt our divers, but as hard and as dangerous as it is, we did it.

Worldquest appreciate the effort from our buddies, and we did it as good as we can. The expedition is filled with happiness, teamwork and enjoyment. We are so proud of you guys. And it brings great joy to Worldquest to know that we did our part to help the mother earth.

Do join us and share your experience in the Ocean Defender awareness next time, see you again next year!