WorldQuest takes FinTech Taipei 2019 by Storm

WorldQuest International, a financial technology and blockchain solution specialist company based in Kuala Lumpur completed our exhibition tour to Taipei International Fintech Expo 2019 last week. It was held between 29-30th November in the Taipei Worldtrade Centre with participation and attendance from prospects all over the world. WorldQuest went to the Expo with full strength as we sent our marketing team, tech team, as well as Worldquest management team.

It was a fruitful undertaking where we were able to display our strengths such as esthetic and effective branding as well as pioneering in top-class services in blockchain solutions technology to our patrons in the Taiwan Expo. The team also gained much valuable experience during the two days Expo, meeting hundreds of industrial experts.

During the exhibition, we noticed a huge interest in Fintech and Blockchain solutions but a huge gap still exists between the knowledge and actual application, especially in existing businesses. WorldQuest is hopeful to reduce the gap and bring solutions to the potential partners and clients that made connection during the Expo. In addition, a lot of citizens are asset wealthy but have yet to monetize the assets and WorldQuest will therefore look to tap into this potential market solutions.

After the Expo, we are confident that in the future there will be plenty of opportunities for blockchain applications to our potential business partners and clients in Taiwan.

What is WorldQuest International

WorldQuest International is an innovative technology development and consulting company with the aim to discover the underlying potential of businesses. Founder and CEO Dato’ Robin Yeong, a visionary business leader, strive to expand WorldQuest International to be the world’s leading, fastest-growing and most used innovative technology development and consulting company. Having a significant presence in Malaysia’s FinTech industry, WorldQuest International has also successfully expanded to other 5 strategic locations throughout the globe including Hong Kong, Ukraine, Germany, Switzerland and Saudi Arabia.