Head of Marketing - Cassandra

Cassandra is a specialist marketer in her own right.

She specializes mainly in branding and digital marketing. The most valuable assets she possesses is her vast international experience, especially in China and Europe market, as well as the local (Malaysia) market. But that is not all, being a multi-disciplinary creator, she is also a brand storyteller, designer, illustrator, digital artist, copywriter, businesswoman, branding coach and business strategist. Cassandra believes that curiosity and creativity, is the two massive ingredients needed to fully live and engage in this modern world of ours.

Our Leaders

Dato' Robin Yeong

Chief Executive Officer

Matthew Pragasam

Head of Product Engineering

Kenneth R. Simon

Chief of Sales and Marketing

Daniel Tan

Investor Relations

Dato' David Gurupatham

Chief Business Officer / Strategist

Alex Ooi

Chief Finance Officer