Corporate Social Responsibility

As adventurers, we are committed to be the leading role in driving societal change and promoting environmental sustainability. We put our expertise to work where it can do the most good for the people and the planet. Though every company probably says the same; we believe actions speak loudest.

No Plastic Working Environment

In WorldQuest, we understand and reduce our impact on the environment by avoiding the usage of plastic in our workplace. Adventurers always bring our own containers and tablewares when we take away food. We also avoid plastic straws at work too.

Paperless Environment

WorldQuest Adventurers understand that trees are the most valuable assets on the planet. Therefore, we introduced the concept of paperless environment to decrease paper consumption. Adventurers are utilising digital media storage as opposed to print media, reducing our paper footprint.

Women Empowerment

WorldQuest is an organisation that respects all regardless of their background. We appreciate all contributions that lead to company development. In this company, female adventurers play an integral part for the company’s development.