CEO - Dato' Robin Yeong

Dato’ Robin is a self-motivated entrepreneur.

Robin’s success in the industry is no fluke. His eye for trends, attention to detail and hardworking spirit has always been a driving factor in his success. In just a few years, Dato’ Robin Yeong has risen up to join the upper echelons of industry players in the global cryptocurrency arena.

His watchful eye for emerging trends and his knack for finding global partners and building valued business relationships has placed him firmly at the forefront of one of the most exciting and quickly developing global industries - Financial Technology or FinTech.

As the founder of WorldQuest, Robin has already established his presence in Asia (China & Malaysia), Europe (Germany, Switzerland & Ukraine) and most notably has imminent plans to expand his business to one of the richest countries in the world - Saudi Arabia.

Our Leaders

Head of Product Engineering - Matthew Pragasam
Matthew Pragasam

Head of Product Engineering

Chief of Sales and Marketing - Kenneth R. Simon
Kenneth R. Simon

Chief of Sales and Marketing

Investor relations - Daniel Tan
Daniel Tan

Investor Relations

Chief Business Officer / Strategist - Dato' David Gurupatham
Dato' David Gurupatham

Chief Business Officer / Strategist

Head of Marketing - Cassandra

Head of Marketing

Chief Finance Officer - Alex Ooi
Alex Ooi

Chief Finance Officer