"Nikos Katrina" symbolizes ‘origin of the gods’ in Greek, and provides customers with a unique shopping experience.


The company ‘Nikos Katrina Mall Ltd.’ was formally established in August, 2016. Nikos Katrina was originally designed by the Hong Kong and Japan teams to create an innovative and high-quality online shopping platform.

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The Transformation

In the direction of continuous innovation, Nikos Katrina cooperated with WorldQuest in 2018 to provide customers with the first multi-digital currency consumption model in the industry, which is reasonably applied in the business results.

Members use their own cryptocurrency to consume. This brings more solid value to the cryptocurrency.

What Sets Them Apart

Nikos Katrina has a variety of trendy brands and perfect systems. Members can enjoy NK COINS rebates when they spend in NK, practice new consumption concepts, and create unprecedented consumption patterns for the members.

Exclusive benefits include: offering rare products of the best-selling market, discount area, VIP superior delivery service and limited selection of goods during the period.

Some of the Brands They Carry